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Notes from the top

March 31, 2020

Each fragrance is a pyramid of scents - top notes, middle notes and base notes. The first of a series about fragrance blending will be about the top notes. A fragrance is a story about memories - each scent creating a path between expectation and remembrance. A story is only as successful as the emotion it triggers in the listener - with a fragrance the notes are the narrator walking through you memories, building emotions.

What are top notes?

First lines those first lines are what keeps a reader reading. It keeps Continue reading

Smells, layers and notes

March 28, 2020

Scents and smells are such an integrated part of our daily lives, they help to give us a certain aura and presence. Similar to musical notes that make up a song, scent notes are the small components that make up fragrances and perfumes.

What are scent notes?

Scent notes are the different ingredients that make up a fragrance. These ingredients are categorised according to their volatility into top, middle and base notes. Top notes has high volatility, fast evaporation and is generally 5-15 minutes. Middle notes have medium volatility and medium evaporation, Continue reading

Smells, moods and memories

January 2, 2020

Scents and smells are such an integrated part of our daily lives we tend to ignore it – until it warns us! Scents warn us if food is safe to eat, if there is a fire close by or even if a specific person is close by. We have distinct favourite smells and fragrances and some less-favourite. But what is a scent and why is it connected to memories?

What does a smell look like?

Smells are chemical molecules that travel through air or water and they are light enough to be Continue reading

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