Heart of the fragrance

As the fragrance story continues - going from top notes, then fading into middle notes and lastly introducing base notes. The first of a series about fragrance blending will be about the top notes. Each scent creating a path between expectation and remembrance. A story is only as successful as the emotion it triggers in the listener - with a fragrance the notes are the narrator walking through you memories, building emotions.

What are middle or heart notes?

The heart of the fragrance are described in the middle notes. These scents is the body of the story, describing the actions and dreams while continuing the journey further into more memory recall. Heart notes are full bodied and more dominant. They are also more pleasant and linger longer than the top notes. Because the heart nodes are directly connected to the top notes they should follow and connect the top notes. Heart notes have to range to continue from the top notes but also connect to the base notes.

What are common top notes?

According to Master Perfumers, the four most popular middle notes are: lavender, lemongrass, clove, cinnamon, peppermint and eucalyptus.

Calming Lavender - This fresh is a refreshing more camphor like scent that does not focus on the floral aspect of lavender.

Fresh Lemongrass -  This is a fresh and herbal scent. The fragrance is a perfect blend of fresh and earthy herb notes that creates a perfect fresh scent for natural and fresh scent lovers alike. Its presence as a middle note in formulation is sharp, strong, pungent fresh, lemony and herbaceous

Spicy Clove -highly prized as middle notes in fragrances because of their warm,sweet and aromatic qualities they add an exotic experience to every formulation.

Sharp Cinnamon - sweet, hot, sensuous and bitter, and as a middle note in perfume it combines well with floral and fruity fragrances. Cinnamon is part of a fragrant trinity of spices that includes cloves and nutmeg, which are often blended in Oriental accords to enhance their uniqueness and character.

Punchy Peppermint - As a middle note, peppermint is highly versatile, very intense. At low dilutions, its fragrance is fresh, intensely minty and invigorating. This blends well with other top notes such as grapefruit and lemon and middle notes of lavender and eucalyptus.

Clean Eucalyptus - Typically used as a minty, woody middle note in fragrances, eucalyptus is known for its fresh clean aroma.

Having a healthy heart

They are well-balanced, full-bodied and last longer than top notes. They greatly influence the base notes to come. These notes add body and warmth to a scent and greatly enhance its overall tone.

In a general composition, half as much middle note is requited then top, and twice as much as that used in the base. The scent of these notes is not always immediately evident, and it may take a few minutes for them to develop. Usually warm and soft and comprised of floral or fruity tones; middle note are sometimes infused with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg or cardamom.

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